Great piece, Marley K. 🙌🏻 It’s so true. And I feel it’s because our generation felt there was nothing else to fight for after Sufferage and Civil Rights. Many people stopped properly exercising their rights, and this goes for all races, sexes, and creeds. And now look… We are experiencing the riots all over again.

The U.S. Constitution was specifically designed to leave a way to correct any mistakes the government would make, and there have been plenty. People don’t realize that they are the government. The government is not the institution, but they work for us, not the other way around.

Most Americans don’t even realize their democracy slipped away a long time ago when the electoral college took permanent seating, our votes meant nothing. Which is why ppl like Bush made it into office. And no one knew how or why. No one has yet to figure out they need to know who the hell the electoral college is first and replace them. Ask them what is going on and change what is going on, starting with something simple like a letter.

Please, excuse my rant. But I’m very passionate about this too. I’m afraid for our country and the generations who follow.

I am a Lover of Love & a Luster of Lust.

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